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Milla's hero knives - aluminum with wooden handles from Resident Evil Extinction.



Resident Evil Extinction Case with 2 working flashlights, spray cans and rubber gloves.



Four very cool bloody zombie costumes from the Dawn of the Dead remake.



Shotgun used in the original Night of the Living Dead to kill the film's main character, "Ben".



Original poly-foam head from Steven King's The Stand. Thanks Jim and Merlyn!


Life size zombie victim clearly seen in Return of the Living Dead 5. Early in the movie, this guy gets his head crushed and his eyes pop out.


Props from the Critter Movies. Thanks Dave!





I have owned this set of Demonic Toys (1992) for awhile but a busy schedule kept me from adding them to the site.




This is the hero, working teddy bear used in the close up scenes where the teddy growled and snarled for the camera. When operated, the cables cause the teddy bear's facial expressions to change and it is still fully functional. It comes with a Letter of Authenticity from John Carl Buechler, the toy designer. Thanks to my friend, Carl, for selling it to me.




Hero, working robot. The arms move up and down and body rotates through two cable linkages. One of the eyes lights up and the other needs to be replaced. The battery compartment needs cleaning to test if the robot rolls forward and backward. Purchased from Profiles In History auction when Full Moon video sold off all of their puppets and artwork.




Props from Silent Hill


Props from Underworld Evolution

   dawnsledge2.jpg (14384 bytes)   dotddisplay1.jpg (57374 bytes)  

This is Taso's Sledge Hammer signed by about 10 cast members. My last Dawn of the Dead movie prop.

deadchk.jpg (13828 bytes)

One of the checks used to pay for Dawn of the Dead expenses.




astroman.JPG (16795 bytes)  articl5.jpg (14732 bytes)  finaljc2.jpg (9263 bytes)  astp.JPG (54558 bytes)  astpbadge.JPG (48509 bytes)  gator.JPG (27472 bytes)  zekith.JPG (22834 bytes)  motazhelmet.JPG (34484 bytes)  motazraygun.JPG (25804 bytes)  motazship.JPG (42144 bytes)  motazshippart.JPG (16542 bytes)  paperplate.JPG (34610 bytes)  


Props used in Ted V. Mikels' Mark of the Astro-Zombies. The head of Dr. DeMarco looks amazingly real thanks to Jay Gowey's excellent work.   Click here to see the preview trailer


  astroz.jpg (45368 bytes)  DzlItem43.jpg (70323 bytes)  DzlItem44.jpg (72193 bytes)

Wood Machete used in Astro-Zombies. This was hand-made by Ted V. Mikels.


      cg2necklace.JPG (32840 bytes)  cg2apron.JPG (37237 bytes)

Props from The Corpse Grinders Part 2 plus a... A Grinder tooth and jar of meat! 

Click here to visit Ted's web site! He has more props for sale!



lotd1.jpg (15353 bytes)   lotd2.jpg (127741 bytes)   lotd3.jpg (15822 bytes)   lotd4.jpg (35803 bytes)   lotd5.jpg (22599 bytes)   


Three cool zombie masks, zombie clothes and URU from Lord of the Dead. Thanks Greg! Buy the video and DVD here!


Pair of Critters from Critters 2. The solid critter on the left was probably used in the giant "critter ball" at the end of the film. The critter on the right is hollow, allowing a puppeteer's hand to movie the face. It was probably used in a scene involving many critters.


pod.jpg (31155 bytes)

Here's a pod from Body Snatchers- The Invasion Continues (1993). It was probably used in the scene where the pods are harvested from the swamp (SOLD).

blobsuite.JPG (44931 bytes) 

Protective suit and Piece of the Blob after it was frozen from The Blob

Miniature bones from an unknown movie SOLD

Zombie Mask from The Dead Pit. For sale in Profiles In History December 2006.


2 Mummies in a casket. Unknown movie.

Pins from Hellraiser 1 and 2. Nails from Bride of Chucky. For sale in Profiles In History December 2006.

Silver stake from Blade.

ball.jpg (9419 bytes)  phantasm2.jpeg (6372 bytes)  phantasm3.jpeg (6660 bytes)  

This Sphere was created for Phantasm 2. It came from Steve Patino SOLD

flyingskull.jpg (115198 bytes)

One of the pages from The Book of the Dead (Evil Dead 2) Thanks Joe!

  hell3knife.jpg (9367 bytes) DzlItem27.jpg (76027 bytes) puzbox1.jpg (60413 bytes) puzbox2.jpg (94238 bytes)   

Very cool knife and cube from Hellraiser Bloodline! For sale in Profiles In History 2007.



re1.jpg (14219 bytes)  re2.jpg (14107 bytes)  re3.jpg (16035 bytes)  re4.jpg (8032 bytes)  virus.jpg (12719 bytes)  re2167.jpg (27480 bytes)  re3038.jpg (95351 bytes)  re2270.jpg (20043 bytes)  re1209.jpg (28138 bytes)  reclaw.jpg (11196 bytes)

Props from Resident Evil. Test tubes for sale


  stuff.jpg (57974 bytes) 


One Quart Container used in The Stuff. SOLD


alienfactor1.jpg (20998 bytes)  alienfactor2.jpg (40479 bytes)


Mask used in The Alien Factor



alienfactorb1.jpg (20611 bytes)  alienfactorb2.jpg (20551 bytes)  alienfactorb3.jpg (27395 bytes)


Second mask used in The Alien Factor 1977. Forry Ackerman was selling this mask on ebay. I was the number 2 bidder on this mask :-(  I am showing it on my web page so collectors can compare the condition between the mask I own and the one Forry owned. You will notice my mask is in much better condition. There are two possible reasons for the crumbling of this foam latex:

1. My mask is foam filled. The foam supports the original mask but makes it impossible to wear.

2. The smog in CA causes foam latex to crumble. Forry's mask was exposed to the smog since 1977 while my mask was in a different area.


I welcome other collector's opinions.



4eZombie.jpg (26082 bytes)     


Forry Ackerman's jacket and tie that he wore as a zombie in Return of the Living Dead 2. From the Forry Ackerman Collection. SOLD



eggsalad.JPG (20450 bytes)  


Mask worn in The Quest For The Eggsalad. 



skeeter.JPG (31164 bytes)  


Giant Mosquito from SKEETER. 


mummysword.JPG (22648 bytes)  

Sword used in The Mummy Returns

jasonlamp.JPG (31074 bytes)  4ead.jpg (53585 bytes)  

One of many items from Forry Ackerman when he moved out of the Ackermuseum. Jason video promo lamp.



fotg1.jpg (21224 bytes)  fotg2.jpg (20946 bytes)  fotg3.jpg (19064 bytes)  

From the Forry Ackerman collection: Miniature "forced perspective" set from FOOD OF THE GODS. Can't you just imagine tiny rats being pushed through this cardboard window with a high speed camera giving the illusion of giant rats attacking? Once given to Forry as a gift after the Food of the Gods issue in Famous Monsters of Filmland.


  nightbeast1.jpg (44998 bytes) nightbeast2.jpg (33952 bytes)  nightbeastmain.jpg (6912 bytes)    


 Miniature ship used in Night Beast. The movie starts out with some cool FX of this ship flying but soon turns into a campy yet enjoyable horror film. This ship was used in the crashing scene and in the scene where the ship heats up as it enters the atmosphere. John Ellis told me that the ship was filled with pennies to give it weight for the crashing scene. 


jellis1.jpg (10474 bytes) jellis2.jpg (6964 bytes)
John Ellis painting the ship for the crash sequence. Restored model about a year later (circa 1983). Both photos courtesy of John Ellis.





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